Legs Trading Hub

"Legs Trading Hub" is a discord channel managed by Coinlegs Team


  • Access the Algorithmic Signals
    • Multiple Patterns Detection: Coinlegs constantly checks the detections of all coins and if it detects a coin which has many bullish/bearish detections but it's price hasn't risen/fallen yet, it shares that coin with you
    • Semarc: Semarc is a special algorithm developed by Coinlegs team. It creates buy and sell signals then they are shared with you
    • Hey Coinlegs (Scalping Signals): Coinlegs special job constantly asks "Hey Coinlegs" for the coins which have potential to go up/down then it shares the signals with you

All subscribed users can join the Legs Trading Hub

How to join Legs Trading Hub?

  • Visit My Spage page and enter your discord username
  • Join the Legs Trading Hub
  • Required roles will be defined for you in 5 minutes automatically


Coinlegs does not guarantee the success of signals. We just share the altcoins which have potential to go up or down. You need to make your own decision before opening positions for shared altcoins