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Technical Analysis Detections with Smart Software System

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Telegram Bot

You can access technical analysis detections via Telegram Bot

Coinlegs Telegram Family

2 VIP Channels, Custom Signals and Dolphin v1 Bot


Triangle & Wedge Patterns


Coinlegs informs you when Bollinger Band, Triangle and Wedge breakouts occur

Trend Line Touch Detections

When the price touches trend line, Coinlegs informs you

Golden Cross

Coinlegs detects when EMA50 crossovers EMA200

Support/Resistance Analysis

Altcoins close to horizontal S/R zone, fibonacci level and/or EMAs

Double Bottom / Double Top

ABCD Patterns

MACD, Stochastic, CCI, ICHIMOKU and RSI Values

Coinlegs shows MACD, Stochastic, CCI, ICHIMOKU and RSI values of all altcoins and you can follow these values on telegram channel

Support/Resistance Breakout and Breakdown

Coinlegs detects Support/Resistance Breakout/Breakdown and informs you if you create custom alert

Trend Line Breakout and Breakdown

Coinlegs detects Trend Line Breakout/Breakdown and informs you if you create custom alert

Breakout and Breakdown Confirmation

Coinlegs follows the breakout/breakdown and informs you when confirmation/retest occurs

Elliott Waves 12345

Bollinger Squeeze

Failure Swing


Divergences for Relative Strength Index(RSI), On-Balance Volume (OBV) and Chaikin Money Flow (CMF)

TD Sequential

You can follow TD Sequential buy/sell signals

Super Trend

Follow the super trend detections with advanced algorithm

Confluence of EMAs

Coinlegs detects the confluences of Exponential Moving Averages and shares with you

Coinlegs Statistics

You can increase your technical analysis proficiency by using the statistics of Coinlegs detections


You can follow the trends of altcoins and trend changes calculated by EMA (Exponential Moving Average)

Custom Alers

You can create the custom alerts to receive detections via Telegram Bot (with Free Options)

Custom Signals

You can create your own powerful custom signals without knowing any programming language

Profit Rates

You can analyze the markets by learning max. and min. profits


You can follow volume changes (1h, 4h, 6h, 12h, 1d, 3d, 7d, 15d) of altcoins in one page

Candle Patterns

Coinlegs shows 4h/1d candle patterns for all altcoins


You can access all price charts with simple mouse move. You can also see 1h/4h/1d price charts with technical analysis informations on the same page


Pricing Table

* HOLD: You can now use all the features of Coinlegs for free. All you have to do is holding the required amount of $LEGS tokens in your wallet. visit the Subscriptions page for details after loging in



  • Quick Chart Preview
  • MACD and ICHIMOKU Signals
  • STOCHASTIC and CCI Signals
  • RSI Values
  • EMA Crossovers
  • Coinlegs Statistics
  • Candle Patterns
  • Volume Changes
  • Markets closest to ATH and ATL
  • Charts
  • Custom Alerts(Limited)
  • Telegram Bot (Limited)


10000 LEGS / Hold*

  • 50 Custom Alerts
  • 20 Custom Signals
  • Pattern Analysis Tool
  • S/R Analysis Tool
  • Multiple Patterns Signals
  • Triangle & Wedge Patterns Detections
  • Triangle & Wedge Breakout Detections
  • Support/Resistance Breakout Detections
  • Support/Resistance Breakout Confirmation Detections
  • Trend Line Breakout Detections
  • Trend Line Breakout Confirmation Detections
  • Super Trend
  • ABCD Patterns Detections
  • Double Bottom / Double Top Patterns Detections
  • Trend Line Touch Detections
  • Bollinger Band Breakouts
  • Golden Cross Detections
  • Divergences for RSI, OBV and CMF
  • TD Sequential
  • Confluence of EMAs
  • Failure Swing
  • Trend Changes
  • Coinlegs Statistics
  • Profit Rates
  • Charts
  • Telegram Bot


30000 LEGS / Hold*

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