VIP Channels

Coinlegs has 2 VIP Channels to share signals for BTC and USDT pairs. While only long signals are are shared in VIP Channel(BTC), both long and short signals are shared in VIP Channel(USDT). Short signals are shared for only altcoins which listed in Futures exchange.
All subscribed users can join the VIP channels.

How to join VIP Channels?

  • Open Coinlegs Telegram Bot
  • Run this command /invitelinkvipbtc for BTC channel, /invitelinkvipusd for USD channel
  • Bot will send the invitation link to you. You can use this link to join VIP channels. Only one user can join the channel by using this link. Please don't share this link with others

Which signals are shared in VIP Channels

Coinlegs does not share manually created signals. We developed special algorithm named as Multiple Patterns Detection(MPD). MPD algorithm checks many technical analysis detections and finds the altcoins which have many bullish/bearish detections. If their prices haven't risen/fallen yet then it shares these altcoins on VIP channels.


Coinlegs does not guarantee the success of signals. We just share the altcoins which have potential to go up or down. You need to make your own decision before opening positions for shared altcoins